Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Easter

Lex went to 2 Easter egg hunts this year. We went to the city's and it was raining. Not so good.
I lost my camera with those pictures on it so here are the pictures from Sunday with the family from Ben's camera.
Once Lex realized there were candy in the eggs, he went nuts. He was so excited to grab the eggs. He loved his Easter basket.

Here is a picture with all the kids. Amazing I got a shot, Lex was the bad one and would not sit there for the pictures. I'm not surprised.
We had a yummy dinner. Jess brought ham and my dad made a yummy brisket. I ate way too much, but it definitely worth it.
The next day Lex had to carry around his Easter basket everywhere he went. He is still playing with all the eggs. I guess I should just put them all away.