Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

 This year Lex decided he wanted to be Peter Pan. Some people thought Robin Hood. He would tell them I am Peter Pan. He was really into it this year.
 Vince with his nose painted black. What a happy baby!
 Vince was a dalmatian this year. He looks so cute!
 Olivia came trick or treating with the boys. She was a lovely giraffe!

 Here they are trick or treating. I took a couple pictures then I stayed home and passed out candy.
 Look how excited Lex is...... I love it!
 Lex ringing the door bell. Lex is a little too friendly.He would walk right into people's homes.
 Vince fell asleep he was tired after riding around in the stroller all night.
 Grandma with her babies. She made the costumes. Isn't she amazing????
 A rare shot. Lex sharing a piece of candy!
Lex showing us how he is flying like Peter Pan.
Happy Halloween! I also tried a new crock pot recipe for dinner. We had pulled bbq chicken sandwiches, they were yummy. Hope yours was awesome like ours.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mr. Vinster!

 Vince is growing up way too fast for me. I say he already isn't a baby anymore. He sits up very well and moves around, I can't quite call it crawling yet!! These are pictures of him from about a month and half ago to now. Lex gave him the nickname of Vinster. He watches Looney Toons and there is an episode where there is a baby named Finnster. Lex thinks it is Vinster! So, the nickname stuck and that is what we call him. Lex says, "Oh Vinster, Oh Vinster baby!!" I love it.
Vince loves to play in his exersaucer!
 I love his cute little legs! I think he jumps like a little frog.
 Vince loves to eat.

 This outfit Jen gave to me. It was Evan's. I tell her it looks better on Vince, haha.
 He is such a happy baby. He is so much fun.
 Vince loves popsicle's.
 He definitely is a messy eater.
 I love his little shoes. He looks like such a big boy in them.

 Ben bought him this outfit!!! I love it.

I love Vince and I am so glad he is apart of our family. He makes me smile all the time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

State Fair

 We went to the state fair this year and had a blast. Grandma was nice and got Lex a balloon sword.
 Lex loves to look at the animals. I think the cows were his favorite this year. Vince had fun staring at them.
 Every year we have to go on this slide. Lex loves it. It wears me out. We go on it like 5 times in a row. It is a total work out to climb all those steps to the top!

 Vince was a very good baby and was content just to be outside and in his stroller.
 Lex loves this exhibit they have, we do it every year. i think it is called helping hands on the farm or something like that.
 He is picking up the corn to feed to the animals.
 Lex was really good at milking the pretend cow, he must get those skills from his daddy!
 Lex picking some apples from the tree.
 Lex planting the seeds.
 After you are all done, they give you some money to buy a treat with. Lex was very happy about that. He doesn't quite realize yet it was fake money!

 Lex also loved this year, the seals.
We had a great time.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


 So one random day my mom decides that she wants to take the boys to the zoo. I said yes of course. I was watching Olivia so she came too. I am glad Rach let me take her there for her first time ever!
 Grandpa came too. He loves pushing the stroller, can't you tell?
 We got to see all the animals. It was a perfect day. I thought it was going to rain on us.

 Lex loves grandpa. I think Lex trusts him more than me sometimes. They are looking at the rhinoceros.
 Lex isn't so sure.
 They had dinosaurs all around the park. Lex was not such a fan of them as I thought he would be..... oh well.
 Lex would rather play in the sand.
 The tigers were awesome this year. They were my favorite part of the day. They were up and moving and fighting eachother and growling, I loved it.
 Lex was so thirsty!
 Vince had a great time. Anytime he is in his stroller, he is happy.
 Mommy and Lex riding the train.
 Lex loved the snake slide. I can't count how many times he went down it.
Thanks grandma and grandpa. We had fun!