Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Vince

There are advantages to having a baby that is bottled fed!! Ben loves to help.
Lex has been super cute with the baby. He just tells the baby to "calm down" when he is crying as he is pounding his fists. It's pretty funny to watch.
Rachel brought Olivia over and we got some pictures of the babies together. Aren't they just adorable?
They are holding hands.
Vince wanted to give her a hug, awwwe.
Abuelita came to visit.
Vince is super strong with his hands. He loves to have them right by his face most of the time. He kind of holds his own bottle already, hahaha.
I think he looks like Lex in this picture.
Cute hands. i think they look like Ben's long and skinny.
I love this outfit and tried doing a photo shoot to get some good pictures of my handsome boy. I think I did alright.
This was my doctor that delivered Vince. I love my doctor.
I love his little mouth in this picture.
He has a lot of hair and big eyes.
I got a little carried away with all these photos but I couldn't just pick a few. Side note to Jen: These are my attempts at taking good pictures, so no making fun! Just get your butt out here to help me learn how to use my camera.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

More pictures of Vince at the hospital

Bath time.
When Vince was first born.
Olivia came to visit. Look how big she got. I thought Vince would be the same size, nope.
We are officially a family of 4 now!! Hooray.
Big yawn.
The nurses love to give babies a cool hair do.
This is Vince's going home outfit.

They look so little in the car seats.
I am so blessed to have Vincent here with us. I love him and love being a mommy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome Vincent

Lindsay wanted me to put a quick post out there so here it is. She will do a proper one when she is feeling better.

Vincent was born Monday (04-04-2011) at 8:31am. He weighs 6 pounds 4 ounces and is 19 inches long. Lindsay and Vincent are doing well. Vincent has had low blood sugar, but as long as we keep a strict feeding schedule he seems to do well. Lindsay got her iv out and loves visitors. We are at the American Fork Hospital at least until Thursday. Its on the second floor room 201. Text Lindsay for the secret code.

Here are some pictures: Picasa Web Album