Monday, September 22, 2008


I personally did not watch the emmy's last night but I heard about Josh Groban's performance on it.
I watched it and it was amazing. he sung theme songs from classic tv shows. He did Friends, cops, south park, mr. rogers, and fresh prince of belair.
It was so good to hear him sing the different styles of songs. watch it, it is awesome!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Big Boy Bed!!!!!

It finally happened. When we got back from Las Vegas 2 weekends ago, Lex would not go to bed. He would cry and then get so mad he would crawl out of his crib. Sometimes not so gracefully. He finally fell one night and bonked his head pretty hard. I had enough. After talking with a lot of people, I felt like I had 2 options. Either buy one of those crib tents or buy him a toddler bed.
I went with the first. I tried looking every where for the dumb crib tent. I couldn't find one and I couldn't wait another night to order of the Internet. So, I bought a bed. He was so excited after we set it up. He loved it. He got right on it and jumped around.

I read him a story and said our prayers. This was Saturday night. We closed the door and that is when the crying began. I was in tears as well. He was so funny. He would get out of the bed and go to the door knob to try to open it. It broke my heart. Then after awhile, he would go back to the bed and so on back and forth. At 11:30 pm I checked in on him to see if he was asleep on the floor or in his bed. To my surprise he was on his bed. I was so happy!! He only cried for about 23 mins the first night. 4 mins the next night and none the last 2 nights. He is doing really well in his big boy bed.
This last Sunday was also Lex's first time in nursery!!!! We got him ready for church and lately he has been hating wearing ties. He tugs and pulls at them.
You can see he was successful at pulling it off. I was not happy but I can't force him either.
He was tired. He fell asleep in sacrament and didn't go to nursery until the last hour.
He did ok. I hope this next Sunday he does even better. I know he loves snack time.
These are his new shoes I got him. I love them.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

State Fair 2008

This is Lex's 2nd year of going to the State fair. This year he had a blast with the animals. He is so not afraid of them. He can thank Ben for that. He is so fearless. He sticks his whole hand in there to have the animal lick or so he can pet the animal. Thank goodness none of them have sneezed on him yet.
We went with the extended family to the fair. Julian and Lex had fun together.
Here Lex is showing grandma how it is done. "You stick your whole hand in there."
There is a place at the fair where little kids can go to pretend to be farmers. Lex is being like his daddy when he was young and milking the cow. Of course this one is not real but at least he is working hard, right? He will develop those nice muscles like Ben has from milking the cows.
Lex planted seeds and watched them grow. he picked an onion. What a good boy. I love onions.
Here is is picking all the produce. he was suppose to just grab one onion but he grabbed a tomato and some carrots too.
he liked this part, digging up all the vegetables.
Lex was trying to steal every ones vegetables. Julian was nice enough to share a carrot with him.
At the end you turned in your stuff for a treat. Lex couldn't wait to eat his granola bar. Isn't Audrey cute??
Grandma and Lex waited in line to see the clown and he made Lex a balloon animal. It is a fishing rod with a fish at the end, in case you couldn't tell what it was.
This picture is of farm animals carved out of butter. Awesome, huh?
Oh and we looked at a bunch of produce grown and all the ribbons. They had some huge peaches and onions. I wanted to steal it and eat it all. It made me want to have a garden but then I realized I am the worst at growing plants, ask anyone.

Friday, September 12, 2008

August in a hurry

The month of August flew by. We had a lot of fun. I even cooked some. The first pic is of what they call cinnamon blini's. They are super easy to make and really yummy. I made a ton and they go fast.
Then I tried making cafe rio salad all from home. I made the sweet pork. It was delicious. I made Ashley's cilantro dressing, which was to die for. thanks.

In the month of August at Thanksgiving point, all their attractions were 2 dollars. Ben and I went a couple of times before school started.
I guess because Ben grew up on a farm he had a great time showing Lex around. Lex loved the farm and I would recommend it to anyone with kids.
He was not afraid of any of the animals. He would stick his hand out to let all the animals lick him. Gross to me. I think they stink and I am allergic to everything.
Lex even had fun playing in the little kid houses that were there to play with.

Lex had the most fun feeding the animals. He would laugh every time they would lick his hand. I guess it tickled him. There is the video of him and it is so cute.
Lex even got to ride the pony. I thought he wouldn't do it but he had a blast. I think after it was done he wanted to go again.
On another tuesday we went to the dinosaur museum. Lex thought it was ok but I really think it is for older kids.
I like this picture of the fam. I love the dinosaur shadow in the background.

This is Megaladon and Ben was feeding him. This picture was shot for Wendy and Damien. It really is called megaladon.
They had a place where the kids could dig up the fossils. Lex did not do that. He was just excited to play in the sand with the kids.