Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthdays Girls

They would have been 4. Can you believe how fast time goes by?? It seems just like yesterday I held them in my arms. It does get easier except days like this where I ponder of what could have been. I think sometimes that is the hardest thing for me, is the what if's. I know it is not good to dwell on the what if's but sometimes I just can't help it. I have my memories of my sweet girls and I will never forget. Alexa's big brown eyes and the way she stared at me like she couldn't get enough of me. Being a mom to Lex I realize what it really means to be a mother. I am thankful everyday to have Lex with me on this earth. He puts a smile to my face everyday. Today, I just want to tell my sweet Hailey and Alexa how much mom and dad love them.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite things on a friday

Some of my favorite things lately that I am totally in love with are in no particular order are:

Adam Lambert, especially his song "what do you want from me?" I listen to it like 5 times a day. Ok, maybe more. Love it. So if you haven't heard it, you must download it. I really wasn't a fan of his on american idol, but he is amazing. he can sing!
Other favorite, and if you have talked to me at all lately, you know I am obsessed with this place. It is called Smashburger. A new location opened up just south of the University mall. It is so delicious. You better go and have some. It is seriously to die for. Who knows, maybe you will see me there! It is way better than five guys. promise.

That is about it right now. Oh and good news, we got approved for our loan and we will be closing on our house on the 24th, HOORAY. Anyone that would love to help us move, I'll buy you something yummy!!! That really is a bribe.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good times

Lex has been in a need of a haircut for a very long time now. I hate taking him because he hates getting his haircut. I guess I should have just named him Sampson. It was so long and my friend Anne just took her son to cookie cutters so I thought I would take Lex there and maybe he would like it. NO. He hated every minute of it. Oh well at least his hair will be short for a couple of months before another torture session.
On Super bowl Sunday my mom had made some salsa to take up to the party at Jess's before she went to church. She left it and look who found it?? Lex helped himself to some chips with yummy salsa. I can't blame him.
He had a big smile on his face when he learned he was "caught".
At Jess's we had such a good time. Here is some of the fun:
My lovely abuela!!!
All of us pretty girls.
I guess I was to busy eating food then taking pictures of it. I ate too much. Here is a pic of my aunt Ruth's cinnamon rolls. They were yummy.
Here are all the boys watching the game.
This is Dani and Ganon.
Ganon is so cute. He gives kisses with his mouth wide open. Gotta love it. I don't think Dani liked them so much.
Here is my cousin Jodie with her beautiful girls.
While the guys were doing the football thing, the rest of us had fun chatting and playing games all night.
This was Lex's first Valentine's that he celebrated and got some in return. He made his bag at his playgroup. He had such a fun time.
He especially loved the candy. Who doesn't?
While grandma cleans, Lex turns into a monkey and climbs all over. He is so funny.
I am so ready for winter to be over so Lex can start playing outside again. i am getting alittle homesick and there are only so many activities you can do over and over again. While we were playing with play-doh Lex wanted me to make a bear for daddy. I think i did ok.
Hopefully I can start posting more often so the posts won't be so long. sorry.