Thursday, September 29, 2011


 So one random day my mom decides that she wants to take the boys to the zoo. I said yes of course. I was watching Olivia so she came too. I am glad Rach let me take her there for her first time ever!
 Grandpa came too. He loves pushing the stroller, can't you tell?
 We got to see all the animals. It was a perfect day. I thought it was going to rain on us.

 Lex loves grandpa. I think Lex trusts him more than me sometimes. They are looking at the rhinoceros.
 Lex isn't so sure.
 They had dinosaurs all around the park. Lex was not such a fan of them as I thought he would be..... oh well.
 Lex would rather play in the sand.
 The tigers were awesome this year. They were my favorite part of the day. They were up and moving and fighting eachother and growling, I loved it.
 Lex was so thirsty!
 Vince had a great time. Anytime he is in his stroller, he is happy.
 Mommy and Lex riding the train.
 Lex loved the snake slide. I can't count how many times he went down it.
Thanks grandma and grandpa. We had fun!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lex's first day of School

 Lex was so excited for school this year because he gets to ride the bus. I finally gave in and let him ride the bus.
 He loves riding the bus. I think he likes it so much because most of the kids in class ride the bus.
 It was harder for me to say bye than for him. I even teared up a little this year. My boy is just growing up too fast for me.
This is the 2nd day of school. Still very happy.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Point Farm

Every year we go and we have a good time! This year we dropped Vince off at Grandma's so we could spend some time with just Lex.
Check out this cows tongue. I guess Lex looks or smells very tasty!
Lex riding a horse and waving to me.
This is how Ben shows the animals to Lex. Lex loves animals very much. He is the opposite of me. he loves to pet them. He especially loves when they lick him, gross!
Daddy and Lex.
I love this picture.
Mommy and Lex.
Lex and Dad on the wagon ride.
It was so good to spend some time with just Lex. He had so much fun that as we were leaving he said that we were going to go tomorrow too!

Some Summer Stuff

I'm way behind so here is just a few random pics from summer. i watch Olivia occasionally and this is one of my favorite pictures. They both love eating their burp rags.
Vince is all fists. Maybe he could hold his own bottle if he didn't have his hands in fists all the time??
I saw this beautiful rainbow and had to take a picture. It wasn't a double rainbow so i wasn't totally freaking out, ha ha.
This picture of my boys was taken at my abuela's birthday party!
Lex wanted to be nice to his brother so he gave him "some" toys to play with. how nice, huh?
There has been so much rain that across the way the park had a huge water puddle, more like a lake!! the kids love playing in it. I think it is gross.
We also went to some parades. Lex loves his sunglasses, just like his daddy. Even if he wears them wrong.
Lex loves to give kisses to all the beauty queens!