Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Disney on Ice

My mom was so nice to take Lex to disney on ice!
Lex and Julian sat by eachother and had a blast!
Tyson, Lizeth, and Audrey
Grandma bought him this light thing. It was a big hit!
This is Ursula.

A scene from Lilo and Stitch.
Grandma and Lex!!
This is Peter Pan and his shadow. I thought this part was cool because the shadow was actually another person!
Captain Hook!
The crocodile coming to eat captiain hook.
Even Abuelita made it to come see disney on ice! She just loves anything Disney.
Thanks Grandma for taking us, we had a lot of fun!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving we celebrated a little place warmer in Las Vegas!
Lex loves to cook, so he helped grandma a lot! At work Ben had a little thing with the guys to grow out their mustaches. I have never seen Ben with one so I said why not. It turns out I am not a fan of the mustache, either is Ben! He had it for most of the month of November. He shaved it right before Thanksgiving. We had to get a picture with it though.
Lex loved his cousins. He had a lot of fun playing with them and drinking plenty of chocolate milk!
Lex and dad helped make breakfast one morning!
It was yummy, Lex ate that whole plate!
Lex and grandma made some yummy cookies. I told you Lex loves to cook and helped any chance anyone would let him!
Here is a picture of all the cousins or most of them, except babies and two older kids. Lex had a blast!
I didn't take a picture of the yummy food. Just so you know I had awesome fried turkey. I think once you have it, you can't go back to bake!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Catch up Time!

Happy Halloween!
See I may have been lazy blogging but i did participate. I decorated the house. It was a lot of fun. i have to thank Charles and my mom for helping! The spider web and spiders were awesome. Lex loved it, every time we went out the door he would say look scary spider!
Lex dressed up as a pirate! This was the first year he did not fight me to get him dressed up. I guess i prepared him better. i let him watch all sorts of disney shows about Halloween. he really loved it this year, especially all the chocolate!
His preschool even had a fun Halloween party. I went and helped out. it was fun to see him interact at school! He is pretty obedient I have to say!
This is a class aide named Andy, Lex really loves him!
We of course had to stop by daddy's work!
Here are the kids that came to Ben's work!
Here is us!
We went to the gardens to see a bunch of carved pumpkins and met his cousins there. Isn't Alyssa/Belle gorgeous? My mom made it and Lex's costume. She is an amazing seamstress!
Rach and Adam stopped by too. Adam took pictures of Rachel and I wearing our matching cute baby shirts! Adam is silly and takes them when we aren't ready, funny! If you look closely there was a bee on Rachel's tummy and i ran off. She also found out this day that she is having a girl, yay!
Aren't we cute?
Mommy and Lex! Lex loves the baby. he is always touching my belly and says awe cute baby!
Lex enjoying a yummy donut at the wards trunk or treat!
Also in the month of October we celebrated Alyssa's birthday. She turned 5!
She had a Tinkerbell fairy party!
Lex loves frosting.
Lex gave Alyssa this pretty blanket, it was sooo soft.