Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lex's 2nd Preschool graduation

This will be the 2nd time Lex graduates from preschool and not the last. he still has a whole year of preschool before he starts kindergarten. I guess that will just make him super smart!
This is Andy, Lex has loved him ever since he started going to school. Andy is now helping out the 1st graders so Lex will miss him next year!
This is Lex's pre-k teachr, Mrs. Jennifer.
Lex didn't want his graduation paper, he wanted to give it to me.
Here he is singing the banan phone? crazy song.
Lex is in a special ed preschool. He has a delayed speech and social delay that they are helpong him with. Ever since he has started he has grown so much. His speech is amazing now. I can't say he is caught up all the way but very close. He is super smart, just is shy and likes to play on his own. He can count to 20, knows the alphabet and colors. My goal for next year is to have him reading. I love Lex and so glad he is in my family!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Just Chillin'

I think I am finally getting the hang of this kid........ maybe.
He makes the funniest faces at times. I love it.
He sure loves his daddy. It gives me a nice break every now and then.
Lex is happy the baby is here I promise. You wouldn't know it by this picture.
I am so in love with Vince's eyes. They are so big and dark.
My favorite is when he is sleeping.
I forgot to take pictures on Mother's Day, this is the only picture I took. I love my mommy and love that she loves my boys and loves taking care of them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben!

Ben had his birthday on Saturday. I attempted to make his mother's banana cream pie. I thought the pudding would be the easy part and the crust would be the hard part. For some reason it ended up being the opposite for me. My crust turned out really yummy and my pudding failed. i was sad. Ben being the good guy that he is, still ate it.
I love my cute boys! Lex is really loving Vince.
Lex has even started to hold him.
These are pictures of Vince's first bath.
He really loves the bath. He gets really calm and loves to get his hair wet.
I love the faces he makes. This one is like he doesn't trust me!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Lex got to color eggs with grandma Karen this year!
Lex had so much fun. He kept saying how beautiful the eggs were. He was even naming them. The blue ones were daddy, green were lex and pink were mommy.
We took Lex to an easter egg hunt at the high school. It was cold. We dropped Vince off at my mom's house.
I had a hard time getting a good picture of him while he was hunting for the eggs.
Here they are in their easter outfits. Vince and I didn't attend.
They sure looked handsome.
Lex was being so good, he even started modeling for me.
He had to show off his muscles!
Abuela came for easter dinner.
Lex had another hunt. This one was too easy. He was the only kid!
This is Vince's easter outfit.
Olivia was cute as always. I love her bow.
Family Easter picture. We weren't all dressed up nice at the same time, so this will do.
Rach and Adam
Olivia stole an egg before Lex got all of them.
Grandma Judy in heaven with the new babies!
I don't know how abuela raised twins. Looks hard to me.
Grandkids with Abuela.
Vince and Olivia
Easter was fun. My favorite part was dinner. I love ham and funeral potatoes. I made the potatoes so they had onions in them, yum!!