Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Highlights

This was such a fun Christmas mostly because Lex is here to share it with us. I am so thankful for him in our lives. He brings so much happiness. Ben and I are kind of losers when it comes to celebrating holidays. since we have been married I have never put up a tree. Ya, I know. So now, I definitely have to start. I did put a little one up this year, thanks to mom.

Christmas morning!

Lex sporting his new jean jacket grandma judy gave him and rolling around in the wrapping paper.

Dad and Lex enjoying the warm fire. Cute boys.

Dad had to get out his tools to put one of Lex's toys together.

Lex thinking this is the best time of year. Toys!!!

Me and Jen doing the dishes. Yes, me!!!!!

Lex didn't get this for Christmas, but he thought Elmo was hilarious. He was laughing so much.

What a cute family....
I hope everyone's Christmas was as fun as mine was.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


On Monday we went to the cemetery to visit our little girls and wish them a Merry Christmas! Every time I go, it is just as hard. I will never forget them and the joy they have brought into my life for the brief time they were here on earth. Alexa's big dark eyes. They were so beautiful. I 'll never forget the way she looked at me. I can't believe it has been 2 years in Feb.
This time of year, it really makes me look back and reflect on my life and see what I have accomplished. When my twins passed away I was closer to my Heavenly Father than I have been in my entire life. I want to be like that all the time. I just get so busy or so I think. The gospel means so much to me and has been my guiding light. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that we can remember the true meaning.
My mom made these beautiful trees for them. I love her and am so thankful she remembers them and loves them as much as I do. This Pink tree is for Hailey Aidee.
The Purple tree is for Alexa Mya.

Lex even came with us, even though it was freezing cold. Janelle my grandma's nurse came too. She has lost 2 kids, Her daughter Sadie when she was in her teens. Also, her son who was 24, I think . We went to see their gravestones as well. It was a heart breaker to see her cry. She is so kind and loving. I can't imagine how hard it is for her this Christmas. She has no more kids to share with this season. Sorry, this is a sad blog but sometimes that is just how life is. I just have been thinking about my girls a lot lately and thought I would share them.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Sour?

I love all the expressions that Lex makes. He is so silly. This one is classic. He squints his eyes and shakes his head. The funny thing is that sometimes he will ask for more after the shake. He is hilarious.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

One little monkey jumping in his bed.

This is what happens when we put Lex in his crib. No sleeping for him.

We had Lex's dr. appt. yesterday. He is growing. Lex's head circumference use to be in the 3rd percentile. He is now in the 22%. At 6 months he was 25.6 in. and now he is 28. So, he has moved up to the 34%. His weight has always been around the 8%. He weighs 17 lbs 11.5 oz. I know he is small but he has grown and I am so happy.

Most of you know Lex does not sleep at night unless he is with me, no matter where it is. So, I am going to let him cry it out. I am so sad and it breaks my heart. Lex will be fine. I will be the one that will be in tears. Wish me luck and hopefully it won't last too many nights and he'll just sleep.

Good news!!! Ben is done with school this semester and got all a's and one b. He said next semester he would not take as many classes so instead of 12, he is taking 10. He is doing so good and works so hard. I am so proud and in love with him sooo much!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chasing Lex

Snow has fallen and Lex is bundled up tight. He is our "little bear" so the outfit is perfect for him.

Lex has mastered crawling and now has started to pull himself up on everything he can grasp. He even pulled himself up against the wall. How crazy?
Lex also is working out. He doesn't want his belly to get flabby. No, really he is a weird kid. Instead of rolling over to get up, he tries to sit up like he was a big boy. Sometimes, he does it. Mostly, he yells until he decides to roll over or someone helps him.
Merry Christmas.
Lex loves to jump in his crib. Sleep? NO!

Now that Lex is crawling, I find myself chasing after him making sure he isn't getting into anything too horrible. Cleaning up after he makes the mess is the most fun. The other day I found him spitting out one of Ben's ear plugs. GROSS! Ya, Lex soon found out as soon as he put it in his mouth how disgusting it tasted. Another great thing that happened is that I was undressing Lex for the bath. He crawls away and laughs as I am undressing him. I was watching tv while I was doing this. There was a good part on so I left him undressed on my bed for a minute or so. I look down and my foot is all wet.... why? Lex peed all over my foot and the bed. Yeah. Good times with kids.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The Hills

I love this show. Does anyone else? I love to watch it. Ben just says I love drama. I guess my life doesn't have enough. whatever. Last episode for those of you who watch was so sad for Audrina. She totally caught her loser boyfriend, Justin Bobby kiss another girl. It was so sad. By the way, what kind of loser name is Justin Bobby. I can't wait til the next episode tonight, yeah!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lex is crawling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited. Lex is finally crawling! He has just been a stubborn butt. I am so excited, ok not all the way because now I get to chase him all over and make sure the floor is always clean. I guess, Ben will be happy about that. Today is the 1st of Dec, the first real snow and Lex crawled today. Yeah!!!! I just wanted to share this fun news!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Deer instead of Turkey???


When we were in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving Lex tried the turkey and liked it okay. The next night we had venison (deer) and he went nuts. He loves venison. I guess he could not have his last name if he didn't like it. That relieved a little stress for me.
We took some family pictures while were down there. Please don't look at my huge you know what... I can't wait for my surgery!
Anyone have any tips of weening babies from breastfeeding??? I'm all ears!

This is Livvi, she is the newest addition to the family.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're Back

Ok, so we have been back a while now. We just have been incredibly ill. I have not been sick but my poor husband and baby. I think we are finally starting to feel better. Lex has had a really bad fever. It has turned into roseola. He broke into a rash a couple days ago. I think it is finally going away. Thank goodness. I also found out that Lex is teething again. His fang teeth are coming in. I am going crazy staying in the house. I need to get out. I get lonely too. I am trying to stay away from everybody because I am sick of getting sick!!!!!!! We came home early from Las Vegas because we got sick. Thanksgiving was a bust. The only good thing was visiting the grandparents and the yum food.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bye, Bye!

We are going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving!
What does Lex have here? My earring. He loves the way they dangle. He is so sweet too. He never grabs hard. He just feels the texture of the earring or dangles it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lex's new smile

This is Lex's new goofy smile. He crinkles his little face. He also makes this face when he just wants to give you a weird glare. He is getting to have so much personality. He is such a ham.

This weekend I guess I was feeling kind of crafty. I think I actually was bored. Rach and I decided to go to the Holy Cow boutique. We ended buying those words you can stick on boards. Rach and I made one of those and I think it turned out pretty nice. On sunday, I decided to make those crackle cookies. They turned out yummy. My grandma likes them. Rach and my mom didn't like them because they said it doesn't have enough sugar in them. They still look good, right?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fall Cleaning

My mom broke down and finally helped me clean up Lex's room. While cleaning I found Ben's baby blessing outfit that his mom gave to us when Lex was born. I realized I didn't take any pictures of him in it, so that is what I did. Lex loves the camera so I got some real cute pictures. The blanket he is sitting on is very special too. My abuelita made it for him. Lex loved playing inside the boxes while we were cleaning. After the room was cleaned, I took Lex in there and he was full of smiles. He loves his room again now that it is cleaned. I guess the phrase Cleanliness is next to Godliness has some merit to it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Jen has tagged me and I an complying with her wishes.
The ABC's of ME

Attached or Single- I am attached to the most amazing husband ever.
Best friend- Husband of course, then I can't choose just one girlfriend I have a lot. Mostly I would say my sisters. They have definitely seen me at my worst and still love me despite my faults.
Cake or pie- I am a huge lover of anything sweet so I will have to say both. Just no frosting on the cake please.
Day of choice- Right now, they are all the same. It really doesn't matter. A day where someone will take care of Lex and I can do whatever.
Essential item-My phone. I need to talk to someone throughout the day so I don't loose my head.
Favorite colors-Red
Gummi bears or worms-Would anyone pick worms? I love gummi bears. I tell myself they are not fattening so they are ok to eat.
Indulgences-chocolate. I love chocolate.
January or July-July. I hate the cold.
Kids-Just one for right now. My sweetheart Lex. Two in heaven waiting for me.
Life is incomplete without-
Marriage date-May 31st, 2003
Number of siblings-3 Older sister and brother and one younger sister
Oranges or apples-Oranges. I really like both.
Phobias or fears-Someone breaking into my home. I am so afraid of that happening.
Quotes-Ben said "No, it is my body" I loved it. I asked him the question if I could donate his body to science. The way he responded was just so funny.
Reason to smile-Baby Lex. He makes me smile everyday.
Season, spring or fall-Spring. Fall is pretty but it is just a reminder that coldness is on its way.
Tag-Whoever wants to.
Unknown fact-I still wear pregnancy clothes. Please help me!!!!!
Worst habit-Not taking regular showers??
X-ray or ultrasound-Ultrasound all the way. I have never had a x-ray but I have had a million ultrasounds. I love them.
Your favorite food-chocolate. I really can't say. I like a lot of different foods. Easier to say what I hate.
Zodiac-Pisces. the fish.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sick Baby

Lex has been sick for a very long time now. I finally broke down and took him to the dr. today. Lex has a really deep cough. The Dr. prescribed some amoxicillin. Hopefully he can get better and I can get some sleep. He still is a happy fun baby during the day, Thank goodness.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Patrick's Wedding

This was an all day event. We left the house at 830 in the morning at got home around 930 pm.
Grandma and Lex dancing the night away.

Grandma and Grandpa Rosequist made it to the temple.

Me being excited about taking pictures in the cold weather. It was cold!

The happy couple coming from the temple!
Hilary and Patrick

Hilary dancing with her Father.
I am officially caught up. I have been a slacker with blogging. I have been way busy as you can see. I have been having so much fun. I miss Jen and her boys. Lex loved having boy cousins around to make him tough. I guess daddy wil have to pick up where they left off at.

Lex's 1st Halloween

This is Daddy and Lex Trick or Treating.

Lex on top of the Hercules a really big copy machine at Ben's work

Daddy and Lex at his work.

After a visit with Daddy, we went to Wendy's for lunch.

The whole Wizard of Oz gang. Connor- the Tin Man Logan- the lion Kelsey- Dorothy Alyssa- a Munchkin and Lex- The Scarecrow

Trick or Treating again.

Lex with all his loot. Funny they already know what to do with it.

Lex already has down eating suckers. They are his favorite. I love this pic. I think it is my favorite.

Lex while we were carving pumpkins. He always has to be the center of attention.

Lex visiting Rachel at her work.

Lex posing with grandma. Grandma made all the costumes. She is amazing!

Lex posing. He is so handsome.

This was the night of the trunk or treat. Connor was the Red Power Ranger.

The best part of Halloween, the candy.