Friday, August 31, 2007

Tired anyone???

I am feeling depressed today. Don't know why. Maybe it could be that I got 3 hours of sleep last night and not in a row. hhhmmmm, yes. Also, Ben usually comes home for lunch but today could not because he is in Richfield. Yes, I am spoiled that I get to eat lunch with my husband. Lex for some reason has decided that he wants to be a bad boy and does not want to sleep. I am exhausted. Last night was the worst. He went to bed around 9pm which is normal. He then woke up every forty minutes to an hour. Sometimes only ten to twenty minutes. The longest was I think maybe 2? maybe. So I guess that is why I have no pictures today. Subconsciously, I guess I am mad at him. I talked with Jen, and it will happen tonight. I am very nervous and if any of you have any suggestions, please help me. I am letting him cry it out tonight. yes, i am going it. aaghh. Help. I told Ben this and he said that he going to duct tape me to the couch.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

No Creativity

This is Lex's new favorite toy. He loves to jump up and down.

Love this face!
So, the other day I attempted to scrapbook. I like to say I loveto do it, but in reality I never start. I have all the stuff and I sit at the table and stare, wondering where do I begin? I think I just want it to be perfect and I am afraid, I'll do it and hate it, so ya. I'm stuck. A couple of us decided to scrapbook on Tues and Thurs. while our husbands are in school. It is also will be good for me to accomplish something. Hopefully my creative juices will start flowing.
Funny thing happened teh other day, I won't name names to save face for them. Someone was holding my baby while I was scrapbooking and he had fallen asleep. Another person grabbed a chair for them. The person holding my baby went to sit down but the other person moved it right when she sat down with Lex. This caused Lex to hit his head pretty hard on the leg of a metal table. How sad, huh? He survived. I guess it is his right of passage. He is growing up and got his first bump on the head. poor kid. Lately, when I hold him he squirms out, or leaps out. He is going to fall hard one of these days. He is starting to get frustrated because he doesn't get to go where he wants. Hopefully that will give him some initiative to start crawling. He had started to roll over and has stopped for a couple of weeks now. Then today he rolled over twice!
Did i mention this kid loves the camera and the mirror. I know he is vain like his father. If he is crying or fussing, I get out the camera and he has to smile it is the funniest thing. With the mirror he always smiles to. He just loves himself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Here I am

Rach, Adam,and babe

Adam And Lex playing in the stream

Lex eating his first real food, carrots!!

He didn't like carrots so much

He sure had fun making a mess
This last weekend we were suppose to hike Timp Caves but we didn't get there in time. It was really busy. Instead we made reservations for Sept 3rd. I am way excited and Ben will be able to join us. So since we paid the 3 dollars to go up the canyon, we played and did a little walking. Then we just drove allt eh way through the canyon. It was fun. My dad was in the passenger seat. The roads are a single road at times and very curvy. Well, every time we would get to the edge I could see my dad hang on for dear life. He is so afraid of heights. It make me laugh and I tease him.
So Lex ate food finally. I probably waited too long, but he isn't starving. We tried carrots first and it does not seem to be a big success. He likes them if I mix it with rice cereal, so that is what I did. I know this sounds gross but Lex's poop is changing too now. It has more consistency. Ben thought I was weird looking at his poop. I was excited for him. The human body is so amazing and how it works. I guess that is the medical nerd side of me.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What did I do?

Lex holds his bottle all on his own! Yeah! Lately at night I have been giving him a bottle before bed. He seems to enjoy it. I think he feels like a big boy. I guess it makes a difference to him if he can see where his food is coming from.
This was taken when I thought Lex was sick. Jen, you can laugh. I guess he was actually just really hot and I made it worse by putting this hat on him plus I put socks on. He would not stop sweating. It was a clamy sweat too. Oh well, I know he is ok now. Ben took the picture cause Ben thinks he looks adorable in caps. I agree.
This is just cute Lex in the car. Whenever we are in the car, he falls asleep. It is sooo nice.
This is Lex getting some tummy time. Ben always complains and says I never give him enought tummy time. See Ben!
Lex and his cute face!
So, last night we had the official meeting for the new HOA board members. I am the new treasurer. I can't believe what I am doing. It will be a lot of work. I guess it will be good for me. It won't be that bad, right? Already the old ladies call me. She called last night around 915 to tell me she had keys,.... great!! Then, already today she has called me 2 times to ask questions and ask favors. I don't know. Jen and Colin called them the old lady mafia. It is true! They know everything that happens. I guess it is good and bad. They really look out for the complex.
I am excited. This Sat. we are going to hike Timpanogos and tour the caves. It will be fun. The real question is, "Am I going to make it???" We will also be taking Lex so that will be an extra 15 pounds or so. I haven't been since I was a kid. Tomorrow is my dads birthday. We are going up to slc because my mom has an appointment to get her fingerprints done for part of her citizenship. Jen told us to try this retaurant called dodo's. I don't know if that is how you spell it, but we will try it. It better be good!!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Lex is just so cute. i know i say it all the time!! Anyway he has curly hair on top. My mom is in love. She thinks it is so handsome when boys have curly hair. This weekend was fun. bad or good news I am not sure. I got elected to serve on the board for our HOA. scary? There already is drama. Everyone calling wanting to meet with me. I feel like i am stuck in the middle.
It is with a bunch of old ladies so we will see how that goes. We went up to Jess's for her birthday. We had chicken salad on croissant rolls. not my fav buy it is always fun to hang out and see fam. Ben starts school monday. aaaggghhhh.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eating Time

Lex eating cereal

This is the high chair we got for $50

handsome eyes

He likes to eat the tray

Ben gave him a graham cracker. He ate in 2 seconds.

Lex enjoys eating rice cereal. There was a couple days where he wasn't eating it, but he like it again. I feel so bad though cause he wants to eat whatever we are eating. He is so good at grabbing anything that looks like food. He has discovered paper. He loves to eat paper, what else? He even got a tiny paper cut. He grabbed a piece of paper that was on the desk yesterday when I was blogging. I felt so bad. It is gone today though. I think I will go buy him baby food this weekend and start him on it. He is just growing up way too fast for me. I love him so much, he is just such a good baby.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The things dad teaches..

This is Lex's favorite thing to do, as you can see in the videos. He started this about a month ago. I guess maybe it is his way of giving kisses. He is so happy and excited when he does this. He gets a nice grip of you, whether it is your shirt, your hair, or your chubby cheeks. He pulls you in and has at you. I love it.

Lex is Hungry

Monday, August 13, 2007

Later On.....

Hermanos de los Andes

Spanish dancers

Lex staring in amazement

Later on that evening we went to the stake center where they were having a fiesta. They had dinner and then some entertainment. They had yummy food. We ate tacos and rice. They had some horchata there which is rice milk. It definately was not as good as the horchata at Mi Ranchito. They had all sorts of dancing from different hispanic countries. They also had Hermanos de los Andes. They are amazing. I really like them. I probably like them because I grew up listening to them. They played a song titled the dance of the cucumbers. That is what it is translated into English. It lasted a long time. I was surprised Lex was behaving the whole time. He just watched the pretty girls dance all night long. He already is a big flirt like his daddy. It ended around 930pm but they were still having a dance afterwards until 11pm. We did not stay long. It already was way past his bed time. he had fun though.

Weekend Fun

This weekend the fam and cousins came to provo canyon and we went to bridal veil falls. We had a picnic with all the yum food. we had sensous sandwiches, all sorts of chips, drinks, watermelon, the works. Then, we went over and played in the falls. Even, Lex got to play. As you can see int he picture Dad carried him mostly but then we took him out and let his feet play in the water. The water was freezing cold. Even though it was cold Lex didn't mind too much. He mostly was having fun watching all his cousins play and splash around. Preston, Tyson, and Kevin actually hiked to the top. I was impressed. It was a lot of fun.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm a Craiglister

This is one of our latest additions to our home. Rach found it for us. It was originally $350 for the entire piece including the hood range. Ben managed to get it all for $200. Isn't he awesome? I guess the lady selling it wanted more but the husband really just wanted to get rid of it. Sounds like men, huh? The stove is less than a year old. It came factory when they bought their house and they wanted to upgrade. It was perfect for us. Ben is actually off again to purchase some more items from craigslist as we speak. I found a peg perego high chair for 50 bucks. They just bought it in November. They are moving so they don't want to drag it with them. These high chairs normally cost around $150 minimum. So, i think it is a great deal. We are also picking up one of those exisaucers, if that is what they are called for $10. Normally they cost around $40-$50. Good, huh?

Friday, August 3, 2007

I gave in

This is Lex very much enjoying his new love for popsicles. He loves them. Lex is smart enough know to know what food is. Every time I eat around him I feel guilty. He will reach out and start mimicking you chew. It is so cute and funny but sad. he eventually will start whining cause he wants some food. Yes, I am a bad mom I gave in and let him have some. Well, it was hard stopping Rachel and the rest of my family giving him food. He has tried, popsicles, a pretzel, pizza crust, and a cookie. His favorite was the cookie. He ate the cookie so fast and after it was gone he was crying for another one. This kid will try to eat anything that is in reach. Even hair, gross. He also will gag himself on his fingers, crazy kid.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Move Along

You know that song, move along, move along? Well, that is our theme song. We just have to keep going. Ben has signed up for school. I am really excited for him. Sometimes jealous. I feel like since Lex was born I have not accomplished much. Besides the mom duties. I will really miss Ben while he is at school. I'll be sad though. Ben is such a good father and really helps out a lot with the baby. I'm glad I am close by my parents. They help me out so much. I'll tell my mom Lex needs a diaper change and she'll take him. I love that. My mom is kind of enabler though and lets me get out of some of the mom duties I don't want to do. There are still things we need to do before he goes to school. We definitely need to put the gravestone on the twins grave. Yes, I know we are horrible. What can I say, we are such procrastinators. I need to get the title to my car so we can sell it. Oh speaking about Ben again and how amazing he is, he just got home from work and brought me flowers and what else CHOCOLATE! yum. He brought 3 white roses. One for each of my children, ooohhh how sweet.