Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

To start off Halloween holiday the week before, we went to the Hee Haw farms. It was a lot of fun. Lex loved this slide and went down it like a million times. He also rode the pony. I think he felt like a "big boy".

He was a natural.

We also rode a little piggy, hahaha.
I think Lex's favorite part was the corn box. He played in there for so long. He loved playing with the other kids. He even helped a couple bury themselves.
The corn maze was fun. Lex was a little worried at first but then he realized it was okay, he led the way. Thank goodness we found our way out.
Halloween was a fun one this year. Usually Lex is so difficult but he was only slightly difficult this year. My mom sewed his Elvis costume. On Friday we went to Grandma Judy's work, Rachel's, and Ben's work.
Here he is at Ben's work. He loved taking the spotlight. Or rather he didn't want to stand in one spot so we could take the picture.
Isn't he handsome??
He definitely looks the part when he wears the shades.
Friday night we went to the ward trunk or treat. He had fun playing all the little games they had. He especially loves the frosting on the cupcake.
Lex napped late on Halloween so we got a late start to trick or treating. We went with Charles and his girls. Lex had a blast.
He really got the whole trick or treating down. He loves getting the candy. He was so funny, when the people would let him pick which candy, he would grab a whole handful. oops.
Here Elvis is with uncle Chucky.
He was so cute with his bucket of candy, he would not let me hold it for him. He had to carry it.
Here he is in his pajamas with his loot.
He may have eaten a couple of pieces before bed. It's Halloween, right?? You can see the chocolate on his mouth.
He loved counting how many pieces of candy he got.
Is there anymore in there????
On another note. Here are Rachel's puppies. Jen says she has yet to see a picture of them. There is still one left if anyone wants one. Oscar was sold. So, Lola is there still!
On Halloween Grandpa Rosequist stopped by on his way back from hunting and took us out to lunch. Lex loved looking at the deer they shot.