Friday, August 26, 2011


Jen and her family came to visit. Lex had so much fun with Connor and Logan!
They hung out like evryday. One day they went to Chuck E Cheese. I have to say that Connor is an expert at the spongebob game they have there. He got lex a ton of tickets. I think he got like 200!
The boys made an obstacle course. i think they were trying to make it like wipeout the tv show??
Lex loved having them around. The time went by too fast.
Lex started talking more and interacting more while they were here. i'm excited when lex can really start playing with vince. Lex needs boys around.
They are cute boys. Lex even let jen take some pictures of him while she was here!
Lex got a tan while they were here. They played outside a lot.
We miss you guys!