Friday, August 8, 2008

Lex Loves the Movies

Let me rephrase that, Lex loves the movies with grandma and grandpa. Lets list the differences:
1. Grandma and grandpa have popcorn
2. They have soda
3. They don't get as embarrassed when he yells uh oh really loud right before the movie starts and the lights go down.
4. Most important one they have more patience and are willing to miss some of the movie to settle him down.
I never knew what a huge popcorn fan Lex really was.
He is so happy with Grandpa.
Lex recently has seen Kung Fu Panda, Mamma Mia, and Iron Man.
We went with him to Kung Fu Panda and Iron man. At Kung Fu Panda he just sat in grandpas lap and sat still and was even laughing at the movie. He eventually fell asleep.
My mom took him to Mamma Mia while Ben and I got to see the new Batman movie. I was very thankful for that. My mom said he loved it. He was dancing all over the place and clapping.
Last night, we all went to go see Iron Man. It was a really good movie. I know you all have seen it. I never get out and it barely reached the dollar movies, yay! My mom was so good. She took him out so Ben and I didn't have to miss a thing.
I love my mom and dad so much they take care of Lex a lot, so Ben and I can have a life.
I especially love when my mom will still change one of Lex's poopy diapers when I am there. I can't express enough gratitude. I love you guys!