Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Too much fun!

You would not believe the things Lex has done this weekend. Sure, he looks innocent enough. He is not. He found a container of vaseline and opened and got it all over his hands. I found him fast enough before he could make a huge mess. He ran to the bathroom when the door was open and opened the toilet lid and started playing in the water. He has a radar when the bathroom door is open. He loves to play in there. I have no idea why. The scariest thing he did was Monday morning. I fed him breakfast in his high chair and I ran to go use the restroom. I seriously cannot leave this kid alone longer than a minute, if that. He managed to climb out so when I went back into the kitchen he was sitting on top of the tray. I nearly had a heart attack.
Over the weekend we enjoyed our favorite place, Cafe Rio. I love it. Lex liked it ok but I think he liked the styrofoam better.

Lex in the bathroom. What a little monster!

Jen, how is my photography? These are my roses from valentines from dad.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines!

When Ben came home last night at 9pm this was his surprise. Lex's cute hand print is on the valentine.
Lex and Dad shared some valentines love before we rushed him off to bed.
Lex knew what Valentines was all about, the CHOCOLATE!
This is the real reason I love Ben right now. I get to sleep in while he goes off to work. What a good husband.
Lex still trying to eat the chocolate while we get him ready for bed.
I hope you all had a fabulous Valentines.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lex gets around

This is Lex at Aunt Rachel's house. He is walking everywhere. Not alone of course. He walks with the aid of anything he can get his hands on. I love going to Rach's house cause Lex can really make a mess of her non-childproof home. I'm sure Adam gets a kick out of that.
This is us at Abuelita's home. we have been going there a lot and we love it. She always has the yummiest food. Last time we were there she made us a vegetable soup. She is an amazing cook. She can make something out of nothing. I really love Abuelita and wished I could see her everyday.
This is Lex at our bookcase. He has learned to pull every book out. He thinks he is really cute.

Lex is a climber. He thinks he can go through anything. His newest discovery is that he can climb through the chairs. It is beyond me how he does it. He is amazing.
He loves food. Ask anyone, he can eat.
His favorite new toy at Grandma Judy's house is the little people. He ends up taking one home every time he visits. I don't even realize he has them until I take him out of the car seat or the next morning when he still has them clenched in his hands.
Lex also takes out all the pots and pans.
Lex is tall enough and had discovered that he can reach the top of the table. He is pulling off the mail. I have to remember now not to leave anything on the edges.
Lex sees me every mornings sweep and mop the floor. He helps by taking the food from his high chair and eating it. He is all boy. He sometimes would rather go hunt for his food on the floor and eat it than me feeding it to him. What a hunter?
This is Lex's new toy. He loves to help mom clean, or so he thinks.
He makes a mess everywhere he goes. Yesterday, it was his room. He pulled off all his blankets and sheets off the dresser in his closet. I am tired already cleaning up after this boy. He loves to make messes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lex's typical day

First things first. Lex is hungry! His favorite thing for breakfast is bananas and eggos. So far, he likes any flavor. I give blueberry because I think I heard blueberry's are good for the brain. But, it probably doesn't matter because they are artificial. Yes, I am bad. Lex is so expressive with his feet as you can see in the picture.

After breakfast, he gets a bath. He loves bath time. he would stay in their all day if I would let him. He is such the splasher. Any advice on how to stay dry?

Then, the rest of the day I chase him around making sure he doesn't get into anything he is not suppose to. He loves to help with laundry. By laundry, I mean unfolding what I already have folded. He loves to get the broom and pretend to sweep. That is my favorite. I think he is mocking me though. I have to sweep at least once a day because he makes such a mess around his high chair.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cookie Day!

Okay, so when it is snowing I do not go snowboarding or skiing, I bake. It is a really bad habit. I love to bake. Lately, since it has been snowing all the time, I have baked a whole lot. I have baked banana bread, brownies, bread, chocolate chip cookies and I'm sure a whole lot more things that I am purposefully forgetting about. Then, I ask, "Why can't I loose weight?" I know. I know. At least I am still working out, right?

This is Lex's reaction! He is so happy that mommy bakes. He gets to reap the benefits.
Lex is such an elegant eater isn't he?
He loved these cookies soooo much. He could not get enough. When he wants more of something he says, mom! Over and over again. At time it can be very bothersome especially when I am trying to eat. Plus, he has that deep voice so in reality I laugh. Jen and Rach know what I am talking about, Mom, mom!
Look at all those teeth.
Yum, Yum! Hopefully it will warm up so I won't have an excuse to bake anymore.