Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Birthday Cake

This last Saturday was my mom and my aunt Ruth's birthday!!
Here is the cake that Rach and I made for her.
It is kind of bland in color, but it was good, I promise. The orangey color stuff is made with a cream cheese cake pudding and peach yogurt.
This is Ruth's cake that Jessica made. It is funny because we used the same frosting, mine is white and she turned hers blue. Here are the lovely birthday girls.

Here are all the grandchildren.
Opening presents. I gave Ruth and my mom carrots. I think they are cool. I found them at the Holy Cow Boutique.
They look so happy.
Happy Birthday! I love you guys.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Birthday Weekend!

This weekend we celebrated Savannah's birthday.
Here is Lex with his loot from the pinata. He doesn't like hitting the pinata, but he sure does like all the candy.
Jodie has a dog named Daphne. Lex loves dogs. He was so excited just to pet her.
We all sang Happy Birthday and then For she's a jolly good fellow, because that is a tradition in their family. I think she like it when we sang that more than Happy Birthday.
On Sunday, we celebrated my brother's Charles's birthday.
Lex loves to give kisses to abuela. I'm glad I caught this on camera. He is pretty picky as to who he gives kisses to.
I helped my mom make this yummy cake, mmmm.
Next week, will also be a birthday weekend, yay!
Yesterday was my older sister, Jen's birthday. She is gone so I made cookies for her and ate them all.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


For those of you who don't know...............................................

I'm pregnant.

I have horrible morning sickness and can't wait until the first trimester is over.
I had my 2nd Dr.'s appointment on friday and we heard the baby's heartbeat. It was around 165 bpm. I have an ultrasound scheduled this friday!! I'm so excited.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lex!

Birthday Wishes

I turned 27 this year!!! Lex helped me blow out my many candles.
We celebrated at my parents house. Of course, my dad made me my favorite dinner, pot roast mmmmmm. My friends Damien and Wendy and their daughter Jules helped me celebrate.
Lex has needed a haircut for forever. So on his birthday we tortured him and made him get his haircut!

He looks so much better! He really does look like a 2 year old now! After the haircut to have some fun on his birthday we took him to eat his favorite, Chick Fil A and play at the tree house at the mall. He had a blast.
Friday we celebrated his birthday with family. Rach bought a pinata for the kids to break. It was a crazy looking cookie monster!
Lex did not want to hit the pinata. It is because he is so nice........... ya right!!!

Ethan had fun trying to break it.
It was a hard one to break! Rachel eventually broke it open. Yup, Rachel!

I made an Elmo cake for the party. Rach helped me. This was my first time ever making a cake. I think it turned out ok. I didn't use any molds or anything, all free hand. It even had cream cheese frosting.

Dad helped Lex open his many presents. Lex loved the toys.
Sunday, we went to Ethan's birthday party and this Saturday is Savannah's. Lex is in party heaven.