Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July

The day before the 4th Ben's company has tickets to go to the Real soccer game in SLC. Afterwards, they let them on the field for fireworks. I love fireworks. Lex got to say hi to the mascot, but I forgot his name...oops.
I love this shot. We forgot the stroller so Lex had to walk with dad. so cute.
We had extra tickets so Kevin and the boys came with us.
Lex loved the fireworks, he just watches in silence.
That night, Ben and I slept on the parade route in Provo. We will never EVER do that again. That is probably one of my worst experiences ever and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Since Ben hates parades and he was nice enough to spend the night with me, he left after helping me clean up. I got a beautiful view of the all the hot air balloons.
Lex was being friendly and gave Rach a kiss.
He got tired towards the end. I was glad he wanted to snuggle with grandma instead of me! It was hot.

Here is the whole gang.
I guess Lex is more like his dad than I want to admit. He was covering his ears.
Lex loves his grandma. Rachel is holding the newest to our family, Sean.
Overall, we had a fun time besides a couple of annoying kids next to us. Lex loves anything as long as he is sitting in his stroller.