Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Handsome Lex

These are just a few pictures we took of Lex on Sunday. This was his blessing outfit. He has grown so much since then. The outfit still fits and my mom wanted some more pictures of him in it before he grew out of it.
Today at dinner time Lex was having the time of his life. He wanted all the attention. He was babbling, more like screaming at the top of his lungs. He loves to just talk so someone will pay attention to him. After dinner I gave him some rice cereal and he seems to be loving it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun, fun, fun

Ben and I looking so hot!

Lex with a goofy half smile

Lex with grandma on her birthday!

Lex posing for the camera! He is such a little model.

We have had so much fun this summer! Lex has so much fun going everywhere. I think he is finally getting used to all the noise our family makes. He is drooling so much. He loves the camera as you can tell. As soon as he sees the flash he will smile. it makes it easy to take his picture. He is so funny, when you put him in his swing he won't let his legs rest. He places them in the air. I guess he is giving his abs a work out. So our neighbors moved out upstairs and now the new neighbors are moving in. it is a couple, I am assuming just married. They are skinny and have no kids. I guess that is my perception on newly weds. Ben is starting school in a month. I will be so sad. I will support him though. It will be hard not seeing him as much and getting the help I need with Lex. Good thing my mom is around. She will help with anything. I love her.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

We're Back

Lex and Uncle Jared

Lex, Aunt Amie, and cousin Jace

Grandpa Layne and Lex

Grandpa, Lex, and aunt Emily

Lex being silly!
We got back into town on Tuesday night. It was so hot in Las Vegas obviously but not as hot as I thought it would be. There even was a huge rain storm Monday night. I saw Dallin outside playing in the rain getting all wet and I was jealous. I jumped in. It was so much fun. We had a good time in Las Vegas visiting with the fam. We went bowling and ate at my favoritest restaurant called Lucilles. It is a BBQ place. I recommend it to anyone who is visiting.

Lex had a good time getting to know his aunts, uncles, and cousins more. He was a little fussy but overall was an excellent baby. It was fun to see Jace and Lex play. I can't wait till they are both a little older to really interact with each other.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lex is getting ready for Vegas

We are off to Vegas tomorrow to go visit the grandparents. This will be Lex's first time there. On Sunday, I guess he was getting ready to hit the casinos while we are there. I'm sure he will win a lot of money for us or else he can't come home with us, j/k. Anyway Ben says " You can't pay tithing on winnings from a casino." hahaha. I'm feeling much better so I'm happy. Plus I am so in love with my haircut. Ben loves me too. what could be better? So, when I was sick what does my husband buy me? Doughnuts. Does he ever buy me any kind of treat when I am not sick, NO. Guys are so funny. Maybe he was testing to see if I really was sick. I didn't eat them. But I sure did today and they were ooh so delicious. I can't tell you how long it has been since I had a doughnut. Yeah!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hair Cut Time!

So, I finally got the haircut that I so desperately needed. I swear I lost like 10 lbs. I got rid of so much hair. I look kind of pale in the pics because I was sick yesterday and was vomiting all night. I hate to throw up. We are leaving to Las Vegas on Friday. I am super excited. Good news to my friend Duke finally called me after forever. Lex is being a good baby and behaved so well when I was sick, bless his heart. He must have known I was not feeling well.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer Fun

Lex started eating early, Ben's head...

Aren't we hot!

We went to Thanksgiving Point on Saturday because my mother invited us to her work party. They were having a luau at one of the parks. My mom bought Lex this little outfit to dress him up. She wanted to get one for Ben too, but no such luck. I doubt Ben would have worn it anyways. It was real hot there but we did find some shade. Ben and I went hiking up around the waterfalls and found some pretty flowers. It was fun to get out.
The dinner was just so so. The dessert was the highlight of the night. It was a yummy fruit custard pie. mmm.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Busy, busy, busy!!!

No, this is not Lex. I just thought it was way cute. So it has been a crazy week for me. I went to the dentist on tuesday and no i did not bring Lex with me. I had a deep gum cleaning. It hurt. Then on wednesday i went up to slc. I spent all day there and didn't get home til 7pm. At 7pm though I had a baby shower to go to. Lex did amazing though. He was such a good baby all day. Today Lex is 4 months old!! Yeah. He is growing up too fast. He also had his dr. appointment. He had to get 4 shoys, ouch! He did very well. Bad thing that happened is that I left and when i went to go back home a stupid stupid construction man would not let me back home. It was such a bad situation. I was crying later because I just wanted to comfort my baby at home but instead i went to my parents house. I now officially hate construction workers and their nastiness!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I can't believe Lex will be 4 months old. I miss how little and quiet he was. Today in church I felt so bad because this kid will blab non stop. He needs all the attention in the world. Everyone says he is like me, hahahaha. Anyway, I had to leave out of sunday school and relief society. He was happy but he could not stop talking. I am so happy he has started to babble but wow does he like to be heard. This weekend was way fun. My in laws came in to town from Las Vegas. We sure did eat good while they were here. We went to wingers, i had the wrap, mmm. Then yesterday we went to cafe rio. i absolutely love cafe rio. anyways i almost burnt my cookies cause i was blogging. i am making cookies for a lady who i still have her pans when she brought me dinner when Lex was born, how funny.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Birthday America

The top 2 pics are just last week. Isn't he sooooo cute? He smiles so much and I just can't get enough smiles from him. He loves me so much. The bottom pictures are from yesterday. We went to the parade. It was really fun. Lex got tired and fell asleep, oh well. Lex especially like the marching bands. Rachel would clap to the band and he would smile, get really excited, and kick his legs. Wow! Yesterday was a day. I did so much. It started off with the parade at 8 in the morning, then downtown to the food. I had what was called the potato twister which basically was potatoes peeled in a really long ring and then deep fried. Can I say yum? I think anything tastes good that is deep fried. That is the fatty part of me that is talking. Then we went to walmart, have to. Isn't that so American?? We had to buy Ben some shorts. Of course Ben did not go to the first part of the festivities. We then all went to Jessica's and had a bbq. It was good to see everyone. Lex really enjoyed seeing abuelita. He laughed and smiled soooo much with her. I was happy to see that. Then we came back from there which is about 40 min drive to watch fireworks. They were good except they had a couple of duds and there were ashes falling all over us. It was pretty nuts so we headed tot he car before the finale and watched from there. Lex didn't end up going to bed until 11pm, I know late, huh? So today i am exhausted. I have to say i got in the shower, got Lex dressed and finished all the laundry so I feel somewhat accomplished. Thanks to my dad. He helped watch Lex.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Here is the pic of the baby who should have won the baby contest, right??? Anyways we took Lex to the Freedom Festival Baby contest. Yes, he lost. oh well, I think he is the most adorable baby in the whole world. it was ok though i still won a raffle drawing for Remedez for 25 dollars, yes! Now i can go get a haircut that i so desperately need. Now it is just finding a time i can go. Barbara says that in the lower pic Lex can be a spokes model for Pepsi, how cute!
Lex has found his voice officially. That is all he does all day now, unless he is crying. he babbles. He also thinks everything is so funny, especially if you laugh. He also has learned to gag himself constantly.
I don't know why but whenever Rachel holds him he spits up on her. Yesterday though, like i said he learned to gag himself, well he did when Rachel was holding him and he spit up all over her. I thought it was funny. I don't know why people have this phobia of breast milk but Rachel sure does. After Lex had spit up on her she kept saying smell it, it smells like vinegar. and kept asking me what i ate. get over it. Breast milk i think smells less than formula. That is what i think and i am standing by it.
Fourth of July is coming up. i love fireworks. My baby is too little so next year will have to be a huge bang for sure.