Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lex can walk

Lex can walk if you bribe him! He prefers chocolate.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Our Easter started out Saturday morning at the Orem easter egg hunt. It was a cold so Lex wasn't the happiest. He sure looks handsome though.

He reaped the rewards with a nice orange sucker.Sunday afternoon we went to Grandma's house and had another easter egg hunt. I know Lex is spoiled and he isn't even old enough to know what is going on.
He doesn't like grass so much.
Me helping him out, making sure he gets the candy that I like.
Dad helping Lex.
Happy Easter!
Lex's handsome Easter outfit that he didn't get to wear to church because did I mention we have been really really sick!!!!!!! Last week Lex had such a bad fever for 2 days. At one point it got up to 106!! I know.
This is our Easter bunny, Chubbs!
Handsome LEX!!
Lex doesn't quite like the ladies quite yet. Good boy!
Even Chubbs joined in for pictures. He is such a good dog. Lex absolutely loves him!

You can really see who loves Easter. I know I am wicked! It was a good thing. I think at the easter egg hunt we won a free large pizza, free bowling, free hamburger, and a $5 gift card to Best Buy. It was free too, so it was good.
This is Ben helping Lex dye eggs.
They turned out so pretty!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

I have a 1 year old.

Lex can sip through a sippy cup, when he wants to. He is just a brat and demands that we feed him. He totally can do it himself.
He loves to snack. He is such a cute eater. Oh man, he can eat too. He eats just about anything except vegetables. he eats them just not it large amounts like other foods.
Now that Lex is 1, he is growing like a weed. Maybe I am just noticing more. He has such a funny/cute personality.
He loves his toothbrush, he loves to imitate mom and dad brushing our teeth.
See the mess behind him?? That is him all the time. I think I need a maid, ya???
He has such funny faces.
This is his best friend, Chubby. It is my aunt Beverly's dog. She is living with my parents for a while. I was hoping Lex wouldn't like dogs cause I really don't, but he does. It doesn't mean he is getting one, I mean it!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Lex!!!

It is Birthday season.

This is Ben and lex at the cemetary. I had a purple balloon for Alexa but it flew away. They would have been 2! Time flies.
Then, It was my birthday! I turned 26, yeah!! It shows too. Don't look too close I was having an "ugly"day.
Then, on the 9th was my cousin Lizeth's birthday. She had a surprise party at Cafe Rio. YUM!!
Today is Lex's Birthday!! We had his party last Saturday with family! Here is his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake. He loves Mickey Mouse so we had a Mickey Mouse party.

This is Lex's little cake. He couldn't wait to get his hands on it. We had hamburger and hot dogs that my most excellent dad barbequed for everyone. This is us fashioning our Mickey Mouse ears.
Present time!! Lex had fun and helped opening them all. He got spoiled thanks to family!!! He loves all his presents. Thank you all.
We also had some "fun" dancing as you can see. My mom loves to play games with the little kids and have them dance. These are all or most of the kids that made it. I hope they all had lots of fun!!

Lex finally got to dig into his cake. Look he will share with you! He ate a lot of that cake. He is a good eater and especially when it comes to sweets.
No, he didn't get sick but he definitely did not want to go to bed that night. he had way too much fun. This is him trying to get away before we stick him in the bath.
All clean, ready for fun!
This is Lex at the end of the night, yawning.
Happy Birthday Lex!!! I love you more and more each day!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


This time of year is a time of mixed emotions for me. The twins were born on Feb 23. It is my birthday on Mar. 2nd and also Alexa died on my birthday. The rest of March is filled with birthday fun. I really think there is a reason why Alexa died on my birthday. I think it helps to remind me where I am at in my life. If i am on the right path. It is a time of personal reflection. I remember being at the hospital right after she died. I didn't even realize it was my birthday until my father in law wished me a happy birthday. I have learned one thing, being a mom is a selfless act. Everything I do now is for my children. When I think about my lovely girls, I love my son that much more. I try never to take him for granted. I pray everyday to Heavenly Father and thank him for Lex. I think about my experiences I had while pregnant with the twins and the brief week I got to spend with my daughter Alexa. Hailey and her were absolutely beautiful angels. I will never forget Alexa's dark eyes gazing into my eyes. I will never forget! For my birthday wish, I want all of you mothers to give your children a big hug as I give Lex a big hug and a goodnight kiss.