Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

This year for the 4th we took it pretty easy. We had a bbq at my parents house and then set off a few fireworks. Grandpa holding Vince.
Vince and Olivia. Olivia was very happy.
I love the way Vince is holding his hands!
Vince and I waiting for it to get dark so we can see the fireworks.
Charles and his kids lighting some sparklers.
Lex found a big stick to play with instead of sparklers. I guess carrying a big stick is more important to him.
Rach and Adam chillin'. It was a little rainy.
Ben looking so excited about the fireworks. I think he is ready for bed.
These next photos are just for fun. Vince has been in the car seat alot this summer as we go to place to place. he is very good in the car, yay!
My aunt sofia made these cute cute shoes for vince. I absolutely love them.
I love taking pictures of Vince. i wish I was better at it.
Love the cute yawn.
I watched Olivia today. So her and Vince took naps together. My little burritos!