Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Less than a WEEK!!!

My c-section is scheduled next monday, April 4th. I have so many mixed emotions. I am so ready to meet this baby but scared of the surgery. We still don't have a name so that will be fun trying to agree on a name in the hospital. I love visitors so if you are curious, come over and see me. Love you all and thanks so for all the many prayers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lex turned 4!!

My baby is growing up, I guess I can't even call him my baby anymore. We had a family party. Everyone came. It was fun.
My sister in law, Candace made this awesome pinata for Lex. Lex wanted a Despicable me party. The problem was they didn't sell anything in the stores.
The kids decorated their own minion out of twinkies and candy. As soon as Lex decorated his, he ate it!
Here are some pics of their minions:
I love watching the kids hit the pinata. But this time I loved watching Ben's face. If you take a closer look at Ben, he is just cringing. It makes me laugh!
The kids really got into and were really beating the pinata.
Even Lex was into it, thank goodness.
Ben helped lex open his presents. Lex loves opening them. He is so cute when he opens presents, he always says things like, "Oh wow" and "thank you". he is very polite. He was even blowing kisses.
The pinata definitely had a beating!
Everyone going after all the candy!
Lex's favorite part of any birthday party, the cake. Ok, mostly just the frosting!
He loves blowing out the candles and did it in one blow!!
He told me, all he wanted for his birthday was a Despicable Me cake! He loved it.
Happy Birthday my big 4 year old boy!!! I love him to pieces.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rachel's Baby Shower

Rachel and I are due around the same time, exciting!! My mom and I threw her a baby shower. i think everything went really well. I made her this beautiful diaper cake. My mom made these yummy cupcakes.
Everyone came. Rachel had a good time.
She got a ton of presents. This blanket was made by our sister in law, Candace. It is always funner to give girly presents.
Rachel is naming her Olivia, so my dad gave her some Olivia books. I thought it was hilarious.
I even got spoiled and was given some gifts, yay!
My abuelita made me these cute overalls for my baby!
After the party, Lex loved sharing his cupcake with Rachel's dog, Maddy!!