Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fun So Far

We took Lex to Chucky Cheeses thinking he would like it a little more now that he is older. It still is not his favorite.
Me and Ben had fun.
Lex loves any type of video game, just like his dad.

We have seen Ben's fam a couple times this summer. It has been nice to see them.
Lex has fun playing with his cousin Jaxson. He even tried teaching him to play the computer. Lex is seriously addicted to the computer right now. I can only blame his dad!!
Oh and not so fun summer things a stupid scooter hit me and then tried running away. No worries i followed her and she was found and got ticketed. I am just left with the pain of getting reimbursed and getting bids and fixing the car. rrgggg.
Lex and dad playing at the park.
Jaxson and Lex
Lex looking like he is having fun at a wedding. Kids just love weddings, right???
He is just my little model.....
Since Pre-school is out we signed Lex up for gymnastics. He loves it!!! I can't wait for school to start again though.
Lex loves playing at the park. Sorry i got out of order.
Lex is our little monkey.

They call this wall their "lemonade wall" I love it!
Sean, our nephew had his 1st birthday party we attended.
Awesome birthday cake.
Happy birthday boy!
Lately Lex has been loving his uncle Chucky!!! Which is funny since he never has really been fond of him and some of his firsts words to him have been "go away"
Grandma and Rach enjoying Candace's yummy sloppy joes! I love them too.
I just love his blue eyes.
We also got to go to Lagoon, thanks to Grandma Judy!!
This is everybody's favorite part of Lagoon, waiting in line.
Lex got to ride the majority of the kiddie rides thanks to Charles. He convinced him to go on them. Lex did not want to go with me!
Lex and Uncle Chucky. The first ride we went on.
Lex and Alyssa rode must of the rides together. Alyssa is so nice and gets along with Lex.
Ben and I celebrated our anniversary a little later. We stayed up in Park City for the weekend and just pampered ourselves. It was definitely needed. We went down the alpine slide. saw 2 movies, had yummy dinners. It was a blast with my handsome husband. We have been married 7 years, crazy how time flies.
Going up the lift and carrying our slides to go down.
Ben was a lot more daring than I am. I swear i have become more of a wimp the older i am getting. it sucks.
Ben, lex, and grandpa!
Ben on the lift.

What else this summer??? parades, I love em'
Lex got to invite Alyssa to his Little Gym class. She was awesome. That girl has no fear, I love it.

More fun things still to come!! I'll try to keep up.