Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Kayson!

Today we went to Kayson's 2nd birthday party!
Here they are playing in the puddle on the street instead of a nice slide.
The bigger kids like the slide and the younger ones would rather splash around.
I got Lex down the slide a couple days earlier. You can tell he didn't like it though. I try.
Candace and her crafty skills made a Mickey Mouse pinata. Lex had his turn and of course didn't do much damage. He sure did have fun. he was so excited!
After hitting it a couple times, he stopped and clapped for himself. Yay Lex!
Ethan tore the pinata apart.
There was candy galore! Lex couldn't wait, you can see here he is eating through the wrapper.
He was in heaven with all this candy around.
I finally unwrapped a piece so he could eat it.
He was so happy. I tried a piece, it was yummy.
He just sat there and ate the candy while the other kids around him cleaned up and put the candy in their bags. Lex just had a hoard underneath his butt.
Here is the birthday boy and his cake. He likes to share.
So does his mommy! Later on, it turned into a cake war.
Ash got my mom pretty good. She didn't even know what hit her.
Candace got Lex much to the dismay of his father. He does look cute, huh?
Of course he had to have some cake. Grandma helped him because I was not going to get in this cake war.
Here is Kayson opening the gift Lex gave him. Happy Birthday.
Thanks to Ash, it was an amazing birthday party and it was a lot of fun.
Can we and be we I mean can I come over again and go down the slide???

Saturday, July 26, 2008

International Culture Fest

We went to the International culture fest at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake.
Big Budda from fox 13 news and Thurl Bailey were the announcers.
There was a German man who was entertaining a bunch of kids and Lex had fun watching.
They got to play with a parachute and a bunch of colored balls.
Some of the entertainment they had were some Bolivian style dances. It was really neat to see.
They also had this guy who had been fire dancing ever since he was 4 years old.
Audrey was so cute with Lex. She was sharing her drink with him.
Then Lex wanted to give her a kiss to say thank you.
We stayed late to watch the fireworks. Lex was really tired but I was selfish and made him stay up. I was not going to leave right before the fireworks.

The fireworks were amazing. I love this time of year. I just love seeing fireworks and If I get the chance to see fireworks, I am so there.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

In the Pool......finally.

I bought this pool from Walmart like a month ago but I have never used it until today. Lex was so excited. He was walking on his tip toes all the way to his pool. Whenever we have taken him to play with cousins in the pool he has never actually climbed in. He likes to play from the side and get splashed and splash them back. Well, today....

He sticks a foot in......Reaches his hand in......
And finally climbs in......... YAY!!!
He likes it! He in screaming in excitement. I think he probably got in because it wasn't the huge pools he was used to and the water wasn't as cold.
Oh ya, and then what else does he do.......
He drinks it!!!!
See Rach, he is just like Maddie (the dog).
Also another feat Lex has done today. He got in this wagon and let me pull him around. He would run next to me, but never in it. He loved it.
I guess Lex was feeling adventurous today. Yay for him. I love him so much. He has been so much fin this summer. I just love it! He has such the best personality.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Last Saturday was my Abuelita's birthday! She turned 88!I love my grandma so much! Ever since I was little I always remember her telling me that she was never going to live long enough to see me graduate, to get married, to see me have kids, and so on. But she did and I could not be happier. She has been such a positive influence in my life. She is the most kind hearted, selfless, giving, caring, person I have ever met.
Lex tried helping her blow out her candles. It was adorable. He even gave her a kiss. Of course it was too fast for me to actually catch it with my camera.
My lovely husband even made it to the festivities. He had a lot of homework, in fact he still does. I guess it never ends.
The cousins were outside playing and I don't know whose idea it was but the hose got turned on and all the kids had a hay day getting each other wet. Of course Lex joined in and got drenched. Some kid would get him and he would wine but then we would laugh and go right in the middle of the mayhem. I think he didn't like how cold the water felt. He would forget and do it all over again. Kids are so funny.
Did I tell you he was obsessed with water??

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mischievous Boys

Here are some more fun pics of Lex and the fun time he had with his cousins. He already misses them.

Connor is sharing his Legos with Lex. He was so nice to Lex. Lex loved when Connor would say ribbit like a frog. Lex would crack up laughing everytime he said it. Ben even got in on the action and played with all the boys. I know he wished he could be around more to play.

Lex is obsessed with water, REALLY!
Wherever it is, he loves it. I love this picture because when I was little and lived at this very same house I have the same pic of me turning on the water for my dad. Ben makes fun of me because I told him those were my big chores. Ben lived on a farm so he had lets say, harder jobs.
They played in water I think every night.
Lex was very daring and ran right into the water.

Jen, I know you don't know what these boys did, do you may not want to look.
Lex is the ring leader. he is the mischievous one and gets into all the dirt and water his two favorite things.
One time while he was swimming with cousins he spilled water on the steps and was drinking the water, so disgusting. Who knows what has been there.

So I let him play in the mud and water. He had a good time and of course Logan had to join in the fun! Sorry, Jen.
The funny thing is that they both started off wearing white shirts, how good is that?

Monday, July 14, 2008

River Wild

It has been a while. Jen has been in town, so that means I get nothing done and spend every second I can with her. because? She is my sister! She will be moving soon and I know i won't get to see her for a long time, sad.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun with her and her boys. Lex already misses them. It was fun for him to get to play with boys! Here Lex is giving a bow, how cute!They played in the backyard for hours. They would just chase each other around. That is one of Lex's favorite games.
Logan and Lex love to eat. Here they are eating goldfish. I think they were being nice and sharing with Rachel's dog too.
Alyssa is a little dare devil. She got in the pool and ran blindly.
Connor is so handsome. He came over to tell me that the park was closing in 15 mins, "That's all, thank you." He has such an imagination.

Happy 4th of July!
We started off the day and went to the provo parade. It was a lot of fun.
We had prime seating thanks to Charles and Candace. Lex had a blast. He was pointing at everything. I think the horses were the highlight of this parade.
Logan loves Maddie. He wanted to sit with Rach instead of watching the parade.
Connor had a good time. He was cute and waving to the stuff he liked.
Later that afternoon, we drove to Richfield to hang out with Ben's family. Lex fell asleep so he missed the fireworks that night. I was surprised he didn't even wake up to all the fireworks going off that night.
On Saturday we decided to go down the Sevier river on rafts. I was really excited cause my family never really did outdoorsy things. I think Lex was excited to begin with. Here he is playing with the oars.

He even helped out dad blow up our yellow raft.
Jonathan and Jace came along too. He is so funny. They are wearing "sombreros".
So after we got all the rafts blown up and ready to get on the river, I had to put Lex's life jacket on. What a mistake. I am trying to be a good mother and protect my son but, he was not having it. He was throwing one the biggest tantrums I have ever seen from him. What a brat! I finally just threw him in the raft and started down the river. I finally got him calmed down by what else giving him food. I swear this kid is not happy unless he is eating. The life jacket doesn't even look comfortable, I know. I took it off a while later. Don't judge, it had to be done. He is still living.
Ryan and Kristina and the kids came too. They were riding in a very tipsy canoe.
So we start down the river and everything is fine now that Lex is doing good. Then, I realize that are raft has a slight hole in it and we are slowing sinking into the river. That is not so bad, I figure we'll make it to the end.
Then, the weather starts getting bad. It starts to get a bit windy and overcast. Please don't rain. Yup, it did. It started sprinkling. I notice that some of our party stops. I didn't want to stop I just wanted to make it to the end. We keep going and it is raining harder and it is not letting up. So we had to stop because we were moving like molasses in our deflating raft. We get out to pump it up and go on our way. As we are doing that everyone catches up. I was surprised. So everyone stops and we make a little fort with all the rafts so we can bundle up and get warm.
Ben was so good about rowing the raft. I guess he is the expert because he wouldn't even let me try. Hey, I went to girls camp and knew how, I promise.
Back to the story.

As everyone is huddled together. People started abandoning us. Jonathan and Jace left. He walked to their car. Dallin and his friend went with too. We got all the rafts back up and running. Jared and his friend took our broken raft and we decided to get in the working one.

Ben, Ryan, and Layne decided to ride in the canoe and pull the rest of the rafts with Kristina, Me, and the kids in it. I was fine with that. I was enjoying the scenery. Lex was doing good. He really didn't complain at all. It was hilarious watching the boys try to get in this canoe. I think they fell in about 4 times before Layne said bag it I 'll ride in one of the rafts. Finally, Ryan and Ben made it on. I really think that was the highlight of my trip was watching my husband tip over so many times in that canoe.
While we were floating along the river we run into barbwire and it popped some of the rafts. We ran into trees along the edge. What else? We missed dinner time. Lex was happy, I found a smashed up peanut butter and jelly sandwich and fed that to him. We started the trip around 3pm and when we got into the car it was 8:30 pm. That is the longest river ride I have ever been on.
Needless to say, I really had a fun time and I would do it again, despite all the crazy things that happened.
Anyone up for next year????