Friday, September 28, 2007

Bath Time

He loves the water! Splish Splash Lex was taking a bath.


Lex, Lex, Lex.....again. This is right before church.

Jen's fav pose of him on his pink boppy. Very classic!

Happy baby with drool. If you enlarge this pic you can see one of his teeth.

Did I ever tell you about Lex's obssesion with paper???
He had 2 paper cuts on his fingers last Sunday, sad.

I have to admit that I am a big nerd and obsessed with tv. I even love the jingle from abc4. Here it is: "This is where we live" So for those of you in Utah probably know what it is. I love it. I sing it to Lex all the time. I'm sure there are better songs I could sing to him but this jingle is so catchy that it just gets stuck in my head.
Good news, since being on the Hoa board I have accomplished what I wanted to accomplish while serving . The board has passed to renumber the parking stalls. This is perfect timing. It is right before the weather gets freezing. Jen said it would never happen, but it did! It was ridiculous how they had it before. My covered parking space was so far away, I hated it last winter when I was pregnant and had to walk far far away. i think maybe I will quit. It is getting kind of annoying. There is something going on and they call me like 3 times a day. I am so done with that. I think I won't answer my phone. If I don't answer though, they come over. Someone has come over 3 times now and knocked and knocked until I answer and waking up Lex. Ya, I am not happy about that.
Is anyone excited about Halloween like me? I guess it is because it is Lex's first one, yeah!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I did it

this is Lex's new game. Turning your head to the side and smiling. I love it!

I had fun with the camera and took a ton of pic's of Lex. Like Jen says this should be called the land of Lex but my land and life is Lex so there you go! Lex is teething and has 1 and a half teeth. I had a pic, but I lost it so I will attempt again to get a pic of his teeth.
So this part is not about Lex!!!
i WON! I had my HOA meeting yesterday and I had them approve to renumber the parking stalls. I am so excited. This means that we will have a closer park to where we live. Makes sense huh? Anyways it is suppose to take effect on Oct. 1st. I know a couple people will be very angry. I did do this for selfish reasons. This is partly why I am serving on the board. Who knows, maybe now I can quit. NAH.

Monday, September 17, 2007


This is kind of hard to see, but it is hilarious.... Lex is almost a sleep and his legs start to fall down and then they hit the crib and they shoot straight up into the air again. He fights sleep so much. Help!! any suggestions? A Wonder, a wonder, of miracles of miracles, Lex slept all through the night last night, yipee!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dancing Lex

Lex is a dancing fool. This is his favorite song. He likes music that has a very strong beat to it. He jumps up and down. I know for sure he will love to dance when he grows up. Ben is very good at accentuating Lex's dance moves as you can see.

Lex eating his nummy nummies

Lex absolutely gets overjoyed about eating. His whole body dances and wiggles. My favorite is his feet. He is so expressive with them.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Big Boy!

Lex was so excited when Ben got his toolbox out. Lex was even more excited when Ben let him play inside the toolbox. Lex likes to do anything that makes him a big boy. I even call him a "big boy" and he smiles real big.

Lex has now tried a variety of baby foods. His favorites so far are; green beans, sweet potatoes, bananas. he likes everything though. He especially loves when he can con anyone in to giving him a taste of whatever they are eating. His favorite I think is when my aunts let him try some kind of soda. It makes me furious, but what can you do? They buy him toys and clothes all the time. So, I am
thankful in the end.

Lex still has not returned to sleeping all through the night. I guess I am getting used to waking up several times a night. Last night, he actually did very well and I only got up once. Well, twice but the first time I walked half way into his room and he had fallen back to sleep, unfair!

Lex is also very very vocal. I love it. I am sure it drives Ben nuts especially now that he has started school and he has homework. Lex's favorite new game is peek a boo. Not the nice quiet peek a boo, but the loud i'm going to sneak up on you and scare you. He absolutely loves it. He played with my mom last night. It was so cute to watch. He got so frightened some times he was shaking. He loved it though and could not stop laughing.

Yes, in the last picture it shows Lex drooling. He is Mr. drool king now. Gotta love it right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Timpanogos Caves


Yesterday Lex had his 6 month check up. Everything is going good. The only thing is his left eye. He has a clogged tear duct. It is so yucky. You probably have noticed in his pictures. Anyway the doctor says if it doesn't go away by 9 months then they can do something about it. I guess they do surgery. When he gets sick the eye gets worse and gets sealed shut sometimes. It is sad. We call him a pirate when he wakes up in the mornings or from naps.
At the appointment Lex got 3 shots. These pictures are when we got home and this is what I found. He has ripped off one of his band aids and was holding it in his hands. He was asleep. It was the cutest thing. At first I was like what does he have in his hands. Ben and I just laughed. Of course he cried when the nurse gave him the shots and after I picked him up and the nurse
told him that he could like her now and he laughed at her. It was so cute. I guess he forgot that quick what she had done to him.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Marti Skold -

Marti Skold -

In case you wanted to know who she is. Since she is such a huge star!!

Highlights from State Fair

As soon as we walked through the entrance of the state fair, guess who I see? Marti Skold!! I was so excited or star struck I guess. I know that sounds way lame but it is true. I went up to her and said, "Hi Marti" She was so nice. I can't remember the whole conversation but I told her I watch Good Things Utah everyday and loved her. She said it was nice to see me and glad that I watch. She commented on how adorable Lex was, naturally. She also said she loved my hair. Anyone who knows me, I think my hair is the best part about me as well. She also said that I should attend a live taping of the show. So anyone who wants to go, I am in. So good start right?
My next highlight of the fair, is always the barn animals. I guess for people like Ben and Adam who grew up on a farm, it is dumb. But for me, I find it interesting and gross. This year it smelled particularly foul. The ones that really amaze me are the really big, fat pigs. Rachel was so daring she even pulled the pigs curly tails. weird, huh? It was funny. The pigs would snort. The rest of the fair went downhill after that. No need to say anymore. Oh, but before the animals we stopped and watched a hypnotist. He was funny. He made them bounce their heads to the music like on the movie, A Night at the Roxbury.
Here are a few more handsome pictures of my boys in my life!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Handsome Lex

Lex wrapped up in blanket

Lex's has many poses for the camera

This is his new favorite toy, the wipes!

This was right after church, my handsome boys!!!

Lex is getting better. He is not as grumpy. He still wants me and only me though. That's ok, it makes me feel wanted and loved. My mom came over yesterday so I could actually clean my house. It was sick. I hadn't vacuumed like in 2 weeks. I love to vacuum. It just makes me feel better after I vacuum. I guess it is my stress reliever. Ben this morning even said thank you for cleaning. I guess it was that bad.
Good News! We are going to the state fair today. How fun, I know. I'm lucky I can go everywhere. Lex is such a good baby. He especially loves anything outside. Hopefully, I can get some cute pics of Lex and the animals at the fair. Last year, there was this huge Pig!!! I mean, huge. Lex started greeen beans this week and he LOVES them! yeah!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mad, Mad, Mad

This is how I feel. I have been having a hard couple of days. Lex is teething. I finally figured that one out. It is in the front bottom. He is so grumpy. He is getting better though. He also is sleeping again, hallelujah! Every little thing would make him cry. Yesterday, I set him on teh couch for a minute so I could pick something off the floor and guess what? Ya, Lex extended his arms and followed. Except I was not looking. He feel off the couch head first. I felt so bad.
Today I am upset because I finally have time away from Lex to blog and guess what happens... My damn camera looses all my pictures from our hike up Timpanogos Caves. Why am I so upset at this. Well because they are really cute pictures and it was hell getting up there and who knows when I'll have enough guts to do it again. I could go on, but I thiok Lex is waking up from his nap.