Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Hobby

So, I have decided I wanted to try quilting or a form of it. For Christmas I got some supplies and I started right away. I decided to try a rag quilt.
This blanket didn't take me long at all. The hard thing was sewing. I have no idea how to sew. My mom had to show and help me thread the machine several times. I am finally getting the hang of it.
I started another blanket and it should be done soon. I'll post pics later. I got Rachel started too. I think she is more of a natural at it then I am.
Anyone want to start with me or teach me any new ideas???

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Super Why?

Lex loves this show, Super Why. He just started singing along. I love it. He goes around the house all day, "Why?" You have to love his dancing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Close to the terrible two's

Lex is into everything, Really. He is driving me nuts. I love him though, promise.
The other day while I was on a phone call he managed to grab the whole box of Lucky Charms and dump them on his bed so he could eat all the marshmallows. This happened Wednesday!
He can reach anything and if he can't he sure knows how to climb. I found this after I was done cooking lunch.
Remember what happened to my sister Jen! Well similar things have happened.
Not the best picture, get over it. I was already to go work out yesterday and I had Lex in my arms ready to walk out the door when he poked me in my eye. Not on purpose or because he was mad. It was just an accident. It hurt bad. I still went to work out.
This is what I look like today! Hot, huh?
Help me. I need a break.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bye Bye Bapas!

The time has come...........
We say goodbye to Lex's Bapas or known to the world as his pacifier.
It all started when he was born. I was a new mom thinking I did not want to give my child a pacifier.
Rachel was so excited when Lex was born, the first thing she bought him was a pacifier.I told her I wasn't going to use it.
Little did I know, the next night the nurse came in like 6 times saying that he was "hungry". I told the nurse he wasn't hungry, I fed him the last time you brought him in. I was so tired and recovering from the c-section, I just said, fine give him the pacifier.
Let me tell you from that time at the hospital it worked miracles!
I didn't want to be one of those moms who gave their kid a pacifier and never got rid of it until age 3 or 4.
I became that mom. I guess you should never say things, because they might come true.
Lex loved his pacifier. I loved it too. He was a very well behaved kid with it. He looked so cute with one too.
As I was searching my pictures for Lex with his pacifier and looking back on blogs, I notice I hid the pacifier. I only picked pictures without it.
Now that it is gone, I am finding I truly miss it!
Doesn't he look so cute with a pacifier?
These are all the pictures that I was embarrassed to post because I was a pacifier mom.
I am truly thankful for the pacifier and when it comes time for another baby, (NO I AM NOT PREGNANT) I will be using it and using it with pride.
It has been a little over a week without the bapas. Lex has been sick. He tried sucking it, but it wasn't working. His nose was clogged. He would throw the thing in anger.
I decided this was my window to make them disappear. (I had like 6, i know a little much) I thought maybe I would keep it around for night time because that is how he fell asleep at night. No he didn't want it then either. SO, I decided to pack them all up and hide them.
Does he miss them?
Nope, I don't think so. He hasn't gone frantically looking for them.
He saw a baby with one last Saturday and I saw his face, it looked like he wanted to rip it out of her mouth and stick it in his. He hesitated and then walked away. Good boy.
He loved it in the car, playing, everywhere. Mom loved it at the doctors, church and the grocery store.

I am just happy that I got rid of it before his 2nd birthday.
I know to some you are saying I should have done this months ago....... I know.
I realize it was more for me than him. I know this because he doesn't seem to miss it as much as I do.
There have been numerous times where I just want him to be quiet and I have wanted to give it back to him. I have been strong and will continue to be. This is one of the last pictures of him with his bapas, ooohhh.
Goodbye bapas, you will be truly missed.
Sorry for the long post, it is really a big deal and hence the post.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Vacation in Las Vegas

This post is way overdue!

Every Christmas my mother is always kind enough to make these little Christmas trees for our little girls. It is a great way to remember them.

It sure was cold. Lex did say, "bye".

After awhile though, as you can see he was ready to go.

I love my mom, thanks for keeping their memory alive. Before we went to the cemetery we went out to Kneaders for their all you can eat french toast. If you not had it, it is a must!

Then, the next day we were off to Las Vegas baby!

Here is Lex in the car. He does really well. He travels better in the day because he usually sleeps for at least half of the trip, which is sooooo nice for us. You can see he also gets pretty bored at times.

He is happy if he has a huge drink, j/k. Ha ha.

I felt bad, one of Karen's trees kept falling down. I think it feel down 3 times. It was horrible.

One day, we went to the Bass Pro shop and looked around. I had never been there before. It is an awesome store.

We stopped and looked at the huge aquarium in the casino. It was so cool. It makes me want to go snorkeling.
While we were there, we visited Santa and Lex did better but of course, Ben held him the whole time. After you met Santa, they had a shooting gallery for kids. Lex sure loved helping dad play.
Christmas!! I loved Lex's Christmas pajamas and mine too, actually. Ben is the only one who didn't get new pajamas, sorry babe.
Here we are opening presents.
Lex would tug as hard as he could until he fell back on the floor. It was a lot of fun to watch him open his presents. He did get bored. He didn't even finish opening them all. I guess that means he got too many.
Here is with dad opening presents.
We did get some new slippers from from his parents. I got some duck ones, Lex loves them. Whenever I wear them he says, "Quack, quack, quack." I love it.
Lex really had a good time with Grandma Karen. She spoiled him. His favorite toy is the tricycle they game him. He can't quite reach the pedals so he just sits on it or he will beg us to take him for a ride on it.
Here is a family picture on Christmas morning, ok afternoon and we were still in our pajamas.
Here is a shot of the big Christmas tree. It was huge and gorgeous, I don't even know how they decorated it?

Another day we all went shooting.
This is Daniel. He is the newest member of the family to be a cop.
Doesn't Ben look hot?

He shot a 45mm and he did really good. He has never shot hand guns and he is really good with them, I was impressed. You can see, he was pretty on. The ones far away are from me. Hey, I was pretty happy that I hit the target.

They had set up a bunch of targets. It was a fun, considering I am not much of a shooter.

Here is a shot of me! I was cold, can ya tell?
They also did some clay shooting. Dallin kicked everybody's butt. He was really good.
This is my sis in law, Litany and her son Jaxson. She got a new gun for Christmas. She had to try out.
Another day we went to the Bellagio because that is a must for me. The gardens were amazing like always. The decorations were beautiful.
We had to see the fountains. I thought Lex would have enjoyed them more. I was wrong. He like to look at the ducks, yay!
Love them!
Lex really was taking in all the decorations.
Ben and I have a favorite restaurant called Lucille's. We went with the family and it was a bust. It took forever to get our food. It tainted the whole experience. I was so sad.
Here is Ryan and Kristina and family.
Their daughter Livvi, was so much fun. How can you resist those baby blues?
Even Lex was ready to eat! He wanted his food and so did I!!!
While you are in Vegas you have to eat at where else? In-n-Out.