Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

 This year Lex decided he wanted to be Peter Pan. Some people thought Robin Hood. He would tell them I am Peter Pan. He was really into it this year.
 Vince with his nose painted black. What a happy baby!
 Vince was a dalmatian this year. He looks so cute!
 Olivia came trick or treating with the boys. She was a lovely giraffe!

 Here they are trick or treating. I took a couple pictures then I stayed home and passed out candy.
 Look how excited Lex is...... I love it!
 Lex ringing the door bell. Lex is a little too friendly.He would walk right into people's homes.
 Vince fell asleep he was tired after riding around in the stroller all night.
 Grandma with her babies. She made the costumes. Isn't she amazing????
 A rare shot. Lex sharing a piece of candy!
Lex showing us how he is flying like Peter Pan.
Happy Halloween! I also tried a new crock pot recipe for dinner. We had pulled bbq chicken sandwiches, they were yummy. Hope yours was awesome like ours.


just jen said...

yum! what cute boys....and little girl!

dya said...

sooooo cute !! :)

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HAPPY family....