Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lex turned 5!

 For Lex's 5th birthday, Lex wanted to go bowling and have an angry bird birthday cake. That is all he asked for, easy enough.
 Grandma Judy watched the little ones so we could bowl.
 Lex loving his angry bird cake. It was a yummy cookies and cream cake.
 We got Lex a big angry bird balloon.
 Lex blowing out his candles.
 The whole gang that celebrated with Lex or most of them.
 Lex is obsessed with everything angry birds right now.
 Vince was lucky and got a couple bites of cake I guess he is getting ready for his birthday coming up soon.
 Lex ate that whole big piece all gone.
 Lex bowling like a professional!!!

 Vince tried to get his hands on a bowling ball.
 Lex opening presents.
 As you can see by the scores that we are definitely not a bowling family. I guess we will have to go again soon to get better.
 On Lex's actual birthday, we were able to go see the farm animals. That is Lex's favorite things. He loves animals.
 He got to ride the big horse this time. He was very happy.
 Lex playing.
 Lex actually let me take this picture of him, in fact he asked me to take it.
 In other news, since i am a slacker, Vince has started walking since the end of February. He is  on the move.
 Other parties so far..... Miss Olivia turned 1!!! Rachel made that owl cake. I was very impressed.
She seriously ate about half of that little cake. She was a such a happy little girl, can't believe she is 1.


Anne N said...

Lex looks so much older than five with those cute glasses! We seriously need a playdate soon. The boys would have so much fun together! :)

Rachel said...

Lex is sooo big! Crazy! I can't believe Vince is walking - is that good for you or bad? :)

just jen said...

i love it alll...especially seeing my families faces. man, you should blog more often.

Alison said...

Fun pictures. He looks so grown up with his glasses.

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